Simon stops the song to address the contestant’s attitude but what he says after will shock you…

In a moment filled with anticipation, Curtis, a 16-year-old aspiring singer, took the stage on “X Factor” with confidence. His choice of Mario’s “Let Me Love You” sparked curiosity among the judges.

Before he began, the judges probed Curtis about his aspirations and experiences over the past year. With a mix of typical teenage activities and a dedication to music, Curtis shared his passion for sharing his music with the world.

As he launched into his rendition, Curtis showcased not only his vocal talent but also a certain charm and charisma that caught the judges’ attention. Despite some initial skepticism, his performance left a lasting impression.

Judge feedback was a blend of praise and constructive criticism. While acknowledging Curtis’ undeniable talent and contemporary appeal, they also urged him to temper his attitude and remain receptive to feedback.

Ultimately, Curtis received a unanimous vote of confidence from the judges, with all four giving him a resounding “yes.” This marked a pivotal moment in Curtis’ journey, as he gained validation and encouragement to pursue his dreams further.

Curtis’ audition on “X Factor” wasn’t just about showcasing his vocal prowess; it was a testament to the challenges and growth that come with chasing one’s dreams at a young age.

As he moves forward in the competition, Curtis embodies the spirit of determination and talent, poised to make his mark in the music industry.

Here is the video:

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