Sharon Osbourne disrespectfully laughed at a contestant but what happened to her right after completely shifted the narrative…

The X Factor stage has seen its fair share of unforgettable auditions, and the latest episodes of the popular talent show delivered yet another round of surprising and entertaining performances.

During the auditions, two contestants, Abiola and Dawn, left a lasting impression on the judges and viewers alike with their unique personalities and remarkable talents.

Abiola, a confident and determined young woman, expressed her desire to continue her journey on the show indefinitely. Her bold statement caught the attention of the judges, prompting a lively exchange that set the tone for her performance.

Dawn, a former apprentice jockey turned singer, surprised the judges with her unexpected background. Simon Cowell couldn’t help but find humor in Dawn’s previous profession, leading to a light-hearted moment before her audition.

However, not all auditions went smoothly.

Audrey, another contestant, faced challenges during her performance of a Madonna song. Simon Cowell, known for his straightforward critiques, didn’t hold back in expressing his disappointment with Audrey’s rendition.

Despite the ups and downs, the auditions showcased the diverse talent and personalities vying for a chance to make their mark in the music industry.

As the competition heats up, viewers can expect more unforgettable moments and surprising performances on The X Factor stage.

Here is the video:

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