These sisters were screaming on stage and the judges had to close their ears… See why…

The X Factor stage has been graced by countless memorable auditions, but few have left as lasting an impression as the dynamic duo known as Blonde Electric.

Sisters, not twins, the pair introduced themselves with an undeniable energy that captivated both the judges and the audience.

Their ages, 24 and 22, coupled with their single status—coined as “Single Pringles”—set the stage for a performance brimming with personality.

When asked about their motivation for entering the show, the sisters revealed that singing had been a lifelong passion instilled in them by their parents from a young age.

With dreams of gracing stages like Madonna, the duo embarked on their X Factor journey with unwavering determination.

Their rendition of Jessie J’s “Do Like a Dude” showcased not only their vocal prowess but also their unique style and stage presence. From the catchy beats to the bold choreography, Blonde Electric delivered a performance that left the judges both impressed and intrigued.

Mel B praised the duo’s infectious energy, acknowledging that despite their quirky demeanor, they undeniably possessed talent. Louis Walsh expressed confidence that audiences would appreciate their performance, even if they didn’t personally resonate with it.

Ultimately, the decision fell to the judges: two yeses from Louis and Mel, but a no from Cheryl. However, it was Simon Cowell’s decisive yes that secured Blonde Electric’s passage to the next round, much to their delight and gratitude.

As they exited the stage, Blonde Electric left behind a promise of more to come, determined to prove Cheryl wrong and win over audiences with their unique charm and undeniable talent.

With their infectious energy and undeniable talent, Blonde Electric is poised to make waves on The X Factor stage.

Watch it below!

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