The ex-partner of Kendall Jenner is now dating a well-known actress whom you might even recognize…

In recent years, Kendall Jenner has been romantically linked with athlete Ben Simmons.

Kendall Jenner’s ex-partner is now involved with a well-known actress, as they were spotted together in NYC.

Despite not being part of Jenner’s famous TV family, there were speculations about their potential marriage and family plans, which ultimately did not materialize. Last year, news broke of the model and basketball player’s split.

Subsequently, sightings of them together sparked rumors of a reconciliation, though insiders maintained they were just friends.

Recently, this speculation was put to rest when the 26-year-old athlete was seen on a date with the stunning actress Eiza Gonzalez in New York.

The paparazzi captured the couple during their outing, with the athlete opting for a casual all-black ensemble while his companion wore a long black dress paired with a light gray coat and black-heeled ankle boots.

Despite public assumptions about their relationship, neither Ben nor Eiza has publicly acknowledged any romantic involvement.

This lack of reaction isn’t surprising, as during his relationship with Jenner, Simmons remained reserved amidst media attention.

Similarly, Gonzalez has had her share of rumored romances, including links to Aquaman star Jason Momoa last summer and actor Timothée Chalamet, though she tends to keep her personal life private in interviews.

It seems she may not currently be seeking a long-term commitment.

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