Janet Jackson has responded to the rumors surrounding her alleged secret child from her early marriage at the age of 18…

Public interest in Janet Jackson’s personal life has always been significant, not solely because of her celebrity family background, but also because of her preference to remain silent on the numerous rumors surrounding her concert experiences.

Janet Jackson has finally addressed the speculation regarding a secret child from her first marriage at the age of 18. In 1984, she married musician James DeBarge, only to divorce him the following year.

Subsequently, rumors circulated suggesting the birth of a child during their marriage, which Jackson, then barely 18, supposedly concealed.

However, in a recent documentary by Lifetime and A&E, Jackson decided to address these rumors directly, shedding light on their origin. She clarified that at the time, weight gain due to birth control was misconstrued as a pregnancy, fueling the speculations.

Refuting claims that she had given birth and relinquished the child to her siblings, Jackson stressed that she would never hinder a child’s relationship with their father.

She highlighted the persistence of these rumors over the years and emphasized her commitment to truth.

Moreover, Jackson acknowledged the myriad of unfounded rumors that have circulated throughout her career, including the mistaken belief that her niece Stevanna was her daughter due to their resemblance.

It’s worth noting that Janet Jackson officially has one child, her son Issa, born in January 2017 from her marriage to businessman Wissam Al Mana.

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