Dennis Quaid shares how embracing Christianity liberated him from addiction: “I am grateful for each day of life.”

When life presents challenges, many turn to their faith for guidance, a sentiment shared by Dennis Quaid.

Expressing gratitude for each day, Quaid emphasized the importance of cherishing life’s journey despite its obstacles.

The actor opened up about his struggles with addiction, a battle that led him to seek help through rehabilitation, which he humorously referred to as “cocaine school.”

Reflecting on a pivotal moment where he envisioned a grim future, Quaid recognized the need for change. He acknowledged addiction as an attempt to fill an inner void and highlighted the significance of finding fulfillment beyond substances.

For Quaid, this newfound fulfillment came through his faith journey. He penned a song for his mother as a testament to his recovery and immersed himself in religious texts, fostering a personal connection with spirituality.

Today, Quaid’s relationship with his faith remains strong. He plans to release an album, “Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners,” characterized by introspective themes rather than traditional religious undertones.

Quaid emphasized that everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, seeks the essence of life’s joy. He acknowledged the allure of substances in providing temporary happiness but emphasized the deeper fulfillment found in spirituality.

The actor’s commitment to sobriety is commendable, with faith serving as a steadfast support system throughout his journey.

Here is the video:

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