Former ‘Mean Girl’ Finds Stability and Anticipates First Child… Check Out How Her Husband Looks!

The American actress recently shared significant news about her family life. Lindsay Lohan and her husband are expecting their first child, marking a new chapter in their journey together.

Married since July 2022, Lohan and her husband, Bader Shammas, reside in Dubai, although the actress occasionally travels to the US for business commitments.

Lindsay recently disclosed her pregnancy, exciting fans by sharing a photo on social media featuring a baby romper adorned with a “Coming Soon” print, accompanied by emojis of a baby bottle, a baby’s face, and a heart.

Confirming the news to the press, Lindsay expressed her and her husband’s immense joy and anticipation for their expanding family. She stated, “We are very excited about the arrival of a new family member and look forward to the next chapter of our lives!

We are immensely happy with this grace in our lives and cannot wait for the moment when we become parents,” as quoted by Daily Mail.

Speculations about Lohan’s pregnancy arose last month when she attended a fashion show in New York wearing a loose-fitting outfit, concealing the changes in her figure.

Excited about becoming a grandfather, Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, expressed his happiness for his daughter’s impending motherhood. He remarked, “She will be an incredible mom.

It’s amazing that another grandchild is coming soon. This is a new chapter in her life. I am very happy for Lindsay and Bader,” as reported by Daily Mail.

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