The Girl Sewed a Prom Dress That Is Better Than the Models From the Famous Brands

A gifted teenager created and made a prom dress that is superior to any store-bought model! No one thought it was produced by her. It’s amazing. You have probably never worn a dress like that.

This unassuming girl will undoubtedly become a well-known fashion designer. She is still a teenager, however. Lots of her friends still don’t know what they want to do with their lives.

However, Courtney Lewis, 14, has already started making clothes for her sisters. Courtney has three of them.

Since she was a little kid, the girl has had a passion for sewing and design. She is happy about this. That’s why the youngest, Courtney, said yes right away when her 18-year-old sister asked if she could create her a prom outfit. Give her some ideas, and she’ll take care of everything.

“Courtney often wants to sew something new,” said her mom during the interview. She will definitely gets to work whenever the chance comes up.

Then the chance presented itself: her sister Mikayla was preparing for a prom.

“This is the dress I dreamed of,” said Mikayla, expressing her appreciation for her younger sister’s labor. And it is exclusive, only mine. A lot of people wanted to know where I got this gorgeous item. “This is Courtney’s handiwork,” I said.”

People were astonished by this response. Really, how on earth was a teenager able to make such a stunning, sparkly outfit?

For over two months, Courtney worked on Mikayla’s dress. Many were thrilled with the end result.

“I simply adore my prom dress,” says her elder sister.

Furthermore, this is not exaggeration. One cannot remain indifferent to such a masterpiece.

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