A touching moment when a deaf dad signs to his newborn deaf baby girl… This video will melt your heart…

The touching moment when this deaf dad signed to his deaf newborn kid was captured on video. At just 25 weeks gestation, Baby Arrow was born. This adorable infant is a wonder in every way. God granted her parents’ prayer for a lovely baby daughter after they struggled with infertility. Arrow has been a fighter while in the NICU despite being born too soon.

Arrow just passed the deaf test. Fortunately, American Sign Language (ASL) is already being used in the Arrow household since her father is also deaf. When a kid is introduced into a household that is not familiar with ASL, communication may sometimes be difficult, but Arrow won’t experience that.

Watch how the baby’s father signs to her in the hospital and gives her the cutest compliments. He continues by complimenting Arrow’s green eyes and calling her a beautiful baby. He also tells her that he is her “Daddy” and that he loves her dearly. This whole conversation was caught on video, and it will make you cry.

I love how Arrow doesn’t take her eyes off of her father at any point. She is very engaged in their discussion. Although this adorable baby has a difficult journey ahead of her, she will undoubtedly join a wonderful family that is full of love and support. As this newborn completes her stay in the NICU, we are all praying for her.  

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