Susan Boyle gets the Golden Buzzer after returning to America’s Got Talent… Bless your ears with her beautiful voice here…

Fans of America’s Got Talent were taken aback when Susan Boyle appeared onstage on the first episode of the show.

Susan originally rose to fame after making an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent more than a decade ago, in 2009. She began her audition with a performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical Les Misérables.

People in the crowd laughed at her when she informed the judges that she was a vocalist during her very first audition for the show. Even the host of the show and one of the judges, Simon Cowell, seemed to be unconvinced.

Nevertheless, Susan completely astonished everyone with her voice and demonstrated how gifted she really was. She did not end up victorious in the competition for that particular season, but she did end up in second place!

Susan went on to record her first album, I Dreamed a Dream, in November 2009 after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. It went on to become one of the all-time best-selling albums in the UK. Additionally, it broke the record for a debut album’s largest first-week sales.

In 2012, she made a comeback appearance on Britain’s Got Talent to sing “You’ll See” as a guest performer in the closing ceremony. She also sang “Mull of Kintyre” during Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

Susan opened up in her interview that was filmed in advance for America’s Got Talent: The Champions about the profound impact that Britain’s Got Talent had on her life. Before the event, many had the impression that she was average and that she had nothing special about her.

She said, “I feel like I have something to prove on this season.”

“I can’t wait to show Simon how far I’ve come since the last time. Seeing him is something I’m really looking forward to. This time, I have something to prove. I hope to win.

Simon’s face brightened up when Susan came out onto the stage. Before expressing her how delighted he was to meet her, he made a joke with her and asked after her name.

Susan chose the song “Wild Horses,” which she later became well-known for.

After she finished singing, everyone in the crowd, including the four judges, stood up and began applauding and cheering for her. After everyone had a chance to calm down, the judges discussed Susan’s performance and shared their thoughts with her.

Howie Mandel continued by praising her and saying that throughout the history of America’s Got Talent, they have always said to contestants that they “want that Susan Boyle moment” because she is the new standard. Susan Boyle is the gold standard.

After telling Susan that she wanted to give her the moment that she truly deserved, Mel B went to hit that Golden Buzzer. Every fan of America’s Got Talent is aware that if a contestant earns a Golden Buzzer, it means that they will advance directly to the quarterfinals of the competition. Who could have expected anything less for Susan Boyle?

As the gold confetti began to fall on the stage, Simon and Mel B hurried over to Susan to give her a hug and congratulate her on her achievement.

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