VIDEO: A little horse that is unable to use his hind legs is given a wheelchair and runs for the first time…

The feeling of being able to go anywhere you choose at any time is one that cannot be put into words.

But Turbo, a little horse who is just three months old, had no idea what that was like until the people who work at the Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary gave him a nice new set of wheels.

Turbo suffered from extremely restricted movement in his back two legs as a result of a birth defect known as two luxating patellae.
Because of this, the adorable mini horse walked in a hunched posture, with all of his weight distributed evenly between his front legs.

The owners of Turbo got help from Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary (R2RAS) in North Haven, Connecticut.

Megan Pereira, an animal vet specialist, founded the nonprofit after becoming sickened of seeing so many farm animals put to death.

They have a place to live out their days in her sanctuary. “I prioritize special needs and broken and highly medically complex cases,” Megan told Walkin’ Pets.

After helping a goat called Peaches who used a wheelchair to move around, Megan decided that she could help Turbo and chose to bring him home.

The New Hampshire-based mobility firm Walkin’ Pets made the decision to donate a wheelchair for Turbo after learning about Turbo’s condition.
Turbo bolted off before he was even completely buckled into his new wheelchair.

You can’t help but smile when you see this cute horse dancing about in his wheelchair.

When he is moving in his wheelchair, he radiates a whole other vibe.
There is certainly a cheerful energy present here. Megan believes that through sharing Turbo’s story, others may be inspired to rescue disabled animals.

In the following video, you can see Turbo as he takes his first steps with joy in his wheelchair.

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