VIDEO: After being rescued from certain death, the baby elephant can’t stop following her rescuer… Check out her mischievous childlike behavior here…

When Moyo was only a few days old, she was attempting to cross a flooded river and was in danger of drowning. She was also left behind by her group, but fortunately, rangers discovered her just in time for a packĀ of hyenas to surround her. Moyo was brought by the heroic rangers to the sanctuary “Wild Is Life,” whose founder Roxy Danckwerts adopted Moyo as her own baby.

Moyo, a 14-month-old baby, now travels everywhere with Roxy.

“She somehow always knows where I am because she recognizes my voice and smell”, said Roxy. “I have no clue how. As time goes on, it gets harder because Moyo keeps getting bigger and her raids around the house are harder to handle.”

She is one of those creatures with whom Danckwerts has developed an exceptional bond, trust, and love. Letting go will be difficult. However, I am so driven and certain of the path I have chosen. I just want the best for the baby elephants, and the greatest for them is freedom to explore and make their own decisions.

She is unaware of how much larger she has become… Even how strong she is…

Or that you shouldn’t eat silver spoons…

But she can’t help but satisfy her childlike curiosity as she continues to get into mischief around the home.

There is nothing that can stop Moyo from finding Roxy, her human mom.

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