11 photos that went viral but were later proven to be fake…

There are some fake viral photos on the internet. The majority of the time, they have been Photoshopped such a large number of times for the aim of becoming viral and gaining attention that the before and after versions are so drastically different that you can’t help but wonder, “Can I trust anything anymore?”

These are eleven photographs that went viral and were later shown to be fake by helpful members of the internet community. Let’s get started! In addition to that, don’t forget to follow our page so that you can read similar posts in the future, and it would be awesome if you could share this post on Facebook.

#1. “What happened to a rainforest over a 10-year period.” Actually, nothing.

Because of the famous #10YearChallenge, this photo collage became viral. The photo is accompanied by text stating that 46,000 to 58,000 square miles of forest are lost to deforestation each year. The photo seems to be authentic, thanks to the logo in the right corner. However, this is not a collage of two photographs shot ten years apart; rather, it is a single photograph from a photo stock. It shows Malasia, where the rainforest was cleared to provide more room for palm trees to thrive.

#2. A photographer takes a picture that seems to have been taken at the perfect moment to catch a guy cooking rice.

It has come to light that rice in question is in fact fake. Everything is fake, in fact. It’s nothing more than a sculpture, and there’s a store in Tokyo where you can purchase it.

#3. A perfect reflection of graffiti in the water. Or not?

This photo was a hit on many websites. But the fact of the matter is that it was edited. Indeed, this piece of graffiti is genuine, and the structure in question may be found in Mariampol, Lithuania. And the painting was created by a street artist by the name of Ray Bartkus. Bartkus intentionally drew the picture backwards so that it would be reflected in the water. However, the most favorable conditions for viewing the scene are a complete absence of wind and a totally calm surface. Aside from that, the photo looks like this normally. Take a look at the way the reflection in the first shot was edited.

#4. A lynx and a deer were found under a table in an office. They were running away from California fires.

The caption for the picture that went popular on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites read, “A fawn and a bobcat cub found under a desk in an office building after the California forest fire rolled through.” Yes, the photo is real; nevertheless, it is published each time a wildfire breaks out in the United States in some part of the country. And every every time it’s a new caption. The photograph was shot in May of 2009 inside of a facility that is owned by a group of animal rescuers. These adorable creatures were discovered after a fire that was taking place in Santa Barbara, California, not too far from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ranch. And since there were no cages available, the fawn and the lynx were had to be housed in an office. The lynx approached the deer and slept next to it. By the way, one of the people who came to the rescue took the animals back with him since he was afraid that they would die in the wild. Later, he even recorded a video with the adult lynx; he was very adorable!

#5. The New Year in Paris.

This well-known photograph claims to show hundreds of fireworks that were let off in Paris on the evening of New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, the photo is a fake, as shown by a number of other factors that were discovered. First of all, on the evening of the last day of the year, fireworks are let off from the Eiffel Tower. Second, every single firework that can be seen in the picture was taken from the same exact vantage point behind the camera. And lastly, Internet users who are living in Paris have said that they believe this photo to be fake. Just have a look at the photo taken of the actual firework show that took place on July 14 over the Eiffel Tower.

#6. A dog that spent seven years spending every night lying on the grave of its owner.

Users who saw the post about a dog sleeping on a gravestone liked it over 60,000 times and shared it more than 55,000 times. According to the caption, Captain the dog has spent the previous 7 years visiting and spending the night at his owner’s grave. The story and this photo are both 100 percent true. The problem is that they are not linked. For instance, a different dog resting on a gravestone was also linked to the same story.

#7. “A typical day in Russia.”

On the internet, you may find this photo under a title that sounds very much like it (for example, “Polar Express”). People say that the photo shows a real white bear getting off a tram somewhere in Russia. It may come as a shock to you, but the photograph was not changed in any way; it was shot at a town located in the Czech Republic, and it was captured there in its original form. However, the bear is not real; rather, it is a costume that two activists from Greenpeace were wearing at the time. The “bear” in question was a participant in the “Save the Arctic” campaign. It “walked” around the cities of Europe to bring attention to the issues that are happening in the Arctic.

#8. A goose frozen to a pipe warmed a puppy with it.

The photograph of a goose that had been frozen to a pipe and was using its wings to keep a puppy warm went viral on social media, where hundreds of thousands of people liked and shared it. It is said that they were found in Montana. Even though the picture seems like it was shot recently, it was really taken a very long time ago, and it is very unlikely that it was taken in the United States. And to top it all off, the story itself is probably fake to begin with.

Since 2017, these photos have been posted on Chinese websites. The earliest post that we were able to locate was posted in March 2017 on NetEase, which is a news portal that is based in China. According to the caption that is included underneath these photographs, the puppy was shivering as it was waiting for its owner by the side of the road. The dog saw several ducks going by, so it raced up to one of them and covered its face with its wing as it went past. Users are actually able to post their own content on NetEase. Thus, this implies that they provide their own description of the photos, and there is no way to determine whether or not the photograph shows a real-life event or not.

#9. A mountain shaped like a turtle’s head.

A picture of a mountain that seems to be shaped like a turtle was published by Amazing Nature on their Facebook page in January of 2019. The post was shared millions of times, however the mountain shown in it does not exist in real life; rather, it was created by mixing several photos. As an example, here are two of them:

#10. A megalodon’s tooth in a whale vertebrae.

The fossils in the photo above look like the teeth of a megalodon and the bones of a whale, but they were found in different places and at different times. But a talented seller put them together to make one sculpture.

#11. A cruise ship dumping waste into the sea.

A cruise ship that discharges waste into the ocean. This cruise ship is dumping waste directly into the water, according to the caption of the Facebook post. Users began making negative comments when this post went viral, and even Uruguay’s national director for the environment was forced to respond with an explanation. He claimed that this photo showed the cruise liner starting its engines in preparation for dropping an anchor.  The sand and mud from the bottom are what is causing the brown spots.

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