When the couple starts dancing to “Bare Necessities,” the room is filled with laughter… Watch the video below…

Most of us would want to prepare and know what to anticipate if we were about to perform in front of a crowd. One duo of swing dancers, however, had no idea what sort of music the DJs had selected for them to perform to during a competition.

When the duo is presented with a lively and well-known song, they don’t hold back!
It’s a special swing dancing video that can have you tapping along and longing for your younger years.

Stefanie Tschom is from Austria, while Laszlo Tarkanyi is a West Coast Swing teacher from Budapest, Hungary. Both of them participated in the Vienna-based 2019–2020 SwingVester competition.

The couple will perform in front of all of the other contestants on the stage when it is their time to dance during the Strictly Open final. On the other hand, they had no idea that things were going to turn “crazy.”

The host asks the DJs to choose a song that may be described as “adventurous” since the dancers do not know what music they are going to be given to dance to. And on a scale of 1-10 for how adventurous he wants the song to be, he asks for a 10! He makes a humorous comment to the couple, saying, “I’m just going to say, we’ll pray for you.”

The DJs prepare the best possible strategy for Laszlo and Stefanie to use in order to really stir things up.
The music begins to play slowly at first, and the duo circles around each other in a lovely dance on the floor. It appears like nobody in the room is aware of what is coming their way.

After a few seconds have passed, the song’s lyrics start playing, and everyone immediately recognizes it as “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s The Jungle Book!

Even the couple can’t help but break a laugh as the room is suddenly filled with laughter and cheering. Nevertheless, they had to get down to the serious work at hand.

They immediately broke out into a dance in the manner of West Coast Swing that was entertaining, vibrant, and flowed well with the music.

Both Laszlo and Stefanie have such a high level of experience that they seem to fly around the reality on their feet. They work really well together and do all of their moves perfectly.

Watch the video below to see how well Laszlo and Stefanie dance.

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