College student builds a tiny house for $15K to live debt-free after becoming sick of paying rent… The end result will amaze you…

The tuition costs alone may be rather expensive, plus the cost of living expenses such as housing, food, clothing, books, and other items can all add up to make college an even more expensive endeavor.

A significant number of students graduate from college with significant amounts of debt that they managed to accumulate throughout their four years of education. However, some students come up with innovative solutions to the problem of how to stay out of debt.

Bradley went out to college with a lot of hopes and aspirations in his heart. However, the young man came to the conclusion that living on one’s own is quite an expensive endeavor. The young man, who was born in Jacksonville, Florida, made the decision to bring about this transformation.

He came to the conclusion that it would be better for him to construct his own home than to continue paying ridiculously high rent.

The ambitious young man started to work right away and came to the conclusion that he could construct a mobile tiny house to cut down on expenses. The dimensions of his home are 27 by 8.5 feet (8.3 x 2.5m).

Bradley did not want an RV that only had a simple interior and exterior design like everyone else. He came to the conclusion that his tiny house should be designed to resemble a beach cottage in Florida and that its outside should be covered with sturdy vinyl that would last for many years. He gave his porch a traditional southern appearance when he created it, and this enables him to relax there while taking in the outside views.

Even though the measurements seem to be little, Bradley used a variety of strategies to make his house appear larger than it is. He added a large window to one end of the house to make it seem larger.

Bradley refers to his home as his “Rolling Quarters,” and he has his own Instagram profile devoted to his tiny house and assisting others in building their own.

Bradley has the freedom to move around, and he also doesn’t have to worry about getting into debt because he owns his own home.

As for the inside and layout of his tiny house, Bradley put a lot of thought into the kitchen, which has an 8-foot-long counter to give him a lot of space when he is cooking there.

He can cook thanks to the electric hot plate that is hidden under his bench, and since the sink in the kitchen is quite big, he is able to clean the dishes by himself.

The lounge area is really comfortable, and it has a lot of built-in storage space. The couch was designed with storage space built in below it, as well as a small table that faces the windows and may serve as an eating area.

Bradley’s bathroom also has a full-sized shower and a Natures Head composting toilet, allowing him to use the facilities whenever he wants without having to connect anything to the water supply.

He has a loft bed that seems to be quite inviting. He turned an old locker into a place to store things, but the space is still vacant. Bradley has a lot of storage space, much of which he doesn’t even feel the need for.

Because Bradley is a college student, there is a room at the back of the home that has been converted into an office. Bradley uses this room to do his schoolwork.

Bradley says that his family first believed he was kidding when he told them he would be constructing his own house and that he spent just $15,000 on the whole project.

“I paid a year’s worth of rent right out of high school and then realized it wasn’t for me. So I returned home and started saving money so I could buy it with cash and build it,” the young Bradley said.

His DIY project has not only helped him save money on rent, but it also has the potential to become an investment for him since he will be able to use it even after collage if he ever chooses so.

He really did an excellent job with this gorgeous tiny house.

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