When Blake Shelton shows love to foster kids in Oklahoma, he goes above and beyond what is expected of him… Tap below for details…

Celebrities are seen as pillars of contemporary society because they consistently work hard at what they do and do their best to give back to the communities where they live.

Some participate by making charitable donations and engaging in extensive philanthropy to help those in need. Some people choose to be a little more modest, like Blake Shelton.

Blake, a well-known country music musician from Oklahoma, has a lot to offer. He most recently asked foster kids to accompany him on a fishing trip. The event was so great that everyone in the world needed to know about it!

The partnership program for Fostering Outdoor Oklahoma provided sponsorship for the event.
Shelton made the joyful decision to take the initiative in planning the trip and developing a heartwarming bond with the children. Shelton serves as a board member of the Oklahoma Wildlife Conversation Foundation, after all.

These children are in desperate need of a father figure who can teach them the foundations of life. They could have been raised in underprivileged communities or broken households, and now they are looking for the direction that they missed when they were younger but desperately need now. Seeing someone like Blake give back to these young boys and inspire a bright future for them is a blessing and a gift.

They were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor by eating the fish they had personally caught at the nearby pond. The boys are joyfully comparing each other’s catches as they proudly hold up their own. The men in attendance seemed really pleased of the kids for doing such an amazing job.

Catching fish requires a lot of patience, so you can only imagine how challenging it must have been for the kids, who had attention spans comparable to that of a puppy.

Blake Shelton was the son of a used-car salesman and the owner of a beauty salon before becoming a successful American singer-songwriter. He started his musical career in high school after catching the attention of Mae Boren Axton, who was already well-known then. Shelton grabbed Axton’s curiosity and received praise for his extraordinary skills.

Shelton then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where, by chance, Axton lived at the time, and he even had to hire Shelton to paint houses. Along the way, Axton introduced Shelton to others in the music industry. Shelton met several important songwriters and producers, including Bobby Braddock, who helped Shelton get a significant recording deal with Giant Records.

When Blake recorded “Austin,” a love ballad that was organized as a series of voice messages, the song immediately won the hearts of listeners as soon as it was aired on various country radio stations. The song was a commercial success, surpassing expectations by hitting number one on the Billboard country songs list.

Shelton now believed that anything was possible, and he went on to release his second album, Dreamer, as well as two EPs, Hillbilly Bone and All About Tonight. Alongside Trace Adkins, he was nominated for a Grammy Award for best country vocal collaboration for the song  Hillbilly Bone.

Wildlife officials thanked Blake for being so kind and investing in the kids from his home state by demonstrating what outdoor Oklahoma is all about.

Shelton recognizes that the main focus is on giving back.
There aren’t enough words to describe the breathtaking view near the farm pond in Oklahoma. Shelton went from being a national country music star to being seen by these young boys as a kind, selfless role model.

We hope that this inspiring story encourages you to show compassion or serves as a reminder that, despite how much we admire superstars, they are really just normal people like us.

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