13-year-old constructs his own tiny house from the scratch for about $1500… Watch his video tour below…

Over the last several years, there has been a significant increase in interest in tiny houses. A tiny house may provide you with mobility, variety, simplicity, minimalism, and a one-of-a-kind living place, whether you’re a cool millennial or a wandering hippy. For some people, the benefits of living a small-space lifestyle outweigh the evident disadvantages. Living in a smaller space, such as a tiny house, often comes with a change in lifestyle that many people find captivating.

Luke Thill, a remarkable 13-year-old from Dubuque, Iowa, set out to build his own tiny house in his parents’ garden, and the results were incredible.
Luke constructed the house almost entirely on his own, with a little help from his parents.

Luke was able to raise the $1500 needed to build the house by mowing lawns, starting a fund-raiser, and trading services. For example,  he volunteered to clean out the garage of one of his father’s friends, who, being an electrician, returned the favor by helping Luke with the installation of the electrics in his tiny house.

Luke’s construction used a large portion of recycled or reused materials.
Luke’s success in being able to afford to construct the house has been largely attributed to his ability to get inexpensive building materials such siding leftovers from his grandma, a front door from his uncle’s friend, and many other things. When everything was ready, he had a grand opening and invited everyone who had contributed in any way to the building of his tiny house.

At its peak, the height of the house is 10 feet, and its width is 5.5 feet.
Luke now has his own perfect teen hangout place thanks to the tiny house. Who among teenagers wouldn’t desire their own own completely furnished house? Luke set up a little TV, microwave, fridge, and hangout zone.

The use of space in tiny houses may be rather creative at times.

For example, the dining table/desk is assembled by folding down a large board from an adjacent wall and resting it on a metal bar that extends from under the loft stairs. This makes the hangout area into a location that may be used as a desk or a dining table. It is possible for him to seat up to four people around this table, which can then be entirely folded back up later.

Many others have been motivated to create their very own tiny houses thanks to Luke.

Luke invites you to have a look around his very own tiny house in the video below. Enjoy it, and tell us what you think about it in the comments section.

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