Nala, a homeless cat, smiles at everyone in the hopes that someone would notice her… Watch the cutest video here…

Meet Nala!

She is a shelter cat that is struggling to find a loving home.

After spending some time at the shelter and seeing that everyone was ignoring her, she planned a good strategy for standing out. She waves to everyone she sees at the shelter with a smile in the hopes that she would be adopted and given a forever home.

Nala’s story started when a compassionate person from the Netherlands saw her wandering about by herself when she was heavily pregnant.

In fact, she was already in labor and struggling to give birth. In fact, she was already in labor and struggling to give birth.

Fortunately, she was sent immediately to a vet facility, where she had an urgent c-section. Sadly, only one of the two kittens she gave birth to survived.

Nala and her one surviving kitten were taken in by Dierenbescherming, an animal protection organisation in the Netherlands, in the hope that they may receive a shot at a better life.

The robust and healthy kitten quickly found his happy home. Nala also thrived in this secure setting and liked being around people.

Nala has a cleft lip, which is why she is always smiling. She also requires a particular diet because of a skin condition. She receives hypoallergenic meals and is doing well. A shelter volunteer said, “She might always need this special food.

When she spots a new person at the shelter, she becomes extremely enthusiastic.

When they go by her condo, she stands up to the glass window and smiles broadly to draw their attention. She will touch you and treat you like a friend if you sit next to her.

The volunteer said, “A house with a fenced garden, with people who are at home often, and who don’t have a problem with her particular food, would be an ideal home for her.”

She can live with other cats, but she has to be fed on her own. Nala is still looking for her perfect family. But in the meanwhile, she still smiles brightly at everyone who stops by; let’s hope she doesn’t have to wait too long.

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