VIDEO: A man dug a tunnel in secret for 38 years… Look and see what’s inside…

There is a tunnel buried deep below the sands of the Mexican desert. It drops down almost two kilometers. The man dug it for 38 years without anyone knowing, and now search engines can find it.

William Schmidt was referred to as “the donkey” by the residents of El Paso. He worked without stopping, and he was used to having no breaks of any kind. Every day, he would go beneath, and each day, he would bring up to one ton of rock to the surface.

This kind of labor raised some eyebrows. Either the person who discovered the gold underneath or a really insane person was able to work with such anĀ absolute commitment. However, Schmidt did not give the impression of being insane, and he behaved himself in a reasonable manner.

Schmidt has a bad reputation among the residents of El Paso. He seemed too secretive and grumpy to them. And every time someone asked him about the tunnel, he responded with the same thing: “this is the road that is the shortest.”

And after 38 years of nonstop labor, “Donkey” abruptly quit his job and disappeared. The tunnel is now under the authority of the researchers. All of this transpired as a direct result of the enduring rumors that were spread about him; specifically, it was said that Schmidt had found gold.

But thus far, the team has only discovered little amounts of pyrite, not gold. This is no longer a small amount, and the mineral usually shows that a gold mine is close by.

The investigation of the tunnel will consume a significant amount of time. 2087 meters underground and there may be a treasure hiding around every corner.

Watch the video telling about this mysterious tunnel below:

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