VIDEO: Baby starts to jive as his favorite song starts playing, but his ending makes the audience laugh…

We’ve probably all seen videos of some amazing kids from all over the world on the internet. Are you ready for another video that will blow your mind? One of the best young dancers on the internet is shown in the video below.

William Stokkebroe is from Denmark. In March 2012, when this video was recorded, he was only 2 years old, but he was already wowing people all over the world. Due to the way he dances, this video has been shared all over the web.

At a grand opening, William was able to display his wonderful footwork. You might be surprised by how skilled he is, given his age.  Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe taught their son how to dance when he was a baby. They are also dancers, and for many years they have been dancing at their own studio.

On the video, William is seen dancing the jive, which is hard for someone his age to do. But you’ll see how well William does when he gets down on the floor and starts moving. Can you imagine how amazing he’ll be when he’s older and has had more practice?

In 2018, six years after William’s jive dance went viral, the Studie43 YouTube channel posted another video of him dancing.

Not only has William grown up, but it also seems that he has adopted a different dancing style. The student, who is just 8 years old, decides to breakdance instead of performing the jive, which originated in the African American culture in the 1930s. He teams up with Specific Kidz for a dynamic and noisy group performance set to DJ Fleg’s single “Victory Ron.”

The other dancers, all of whom appear to be in high school, tower above William as they begin their routine by sprinting in a circle and energizing the audience. One of the five dancers leaps into the center as the group completes its opening circle and begins demonstrating his footwork talents by bouncing back and forth to the powerful bass. The first dancer falls to the ground and begins spinning on his back while the audience, which seems to be mostly of other students, claps in unison and sometimes cheers. The first dancer eventually pulls back and offers one of his group members a chance to perform a solo in front of the crowd.

About halfway through the dance, William has the opportunity to showcase his solo skills. We get a glimpse of one of his dancing partners giving him what seems to be a pep talk just before he steps into the spotlight. The audience explodes in excitement when he walks out in front of his team shortly afterward and opens fire. The 8-year-old dancer competes with his more experienced teammates, demonstrating traditional breakdance movements like the worm and displaying outstanding synchronization for a young kid.

Watch both videos below, and tell us what you think about them in the comments section below:

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