A Homeless Man in Atlanta Saved All of the Animals from a Burning Shelter. See what happened to them.

When Walker came on December 18 to take Bravo for a walk, he discovered the shelter engulfed in flames. Walker went into the fire without hesitation to save the animals…

“I was quite anxious, I won’t lie. I was terrified to enter because of all the smoke. However, God placed me there to preserve the animals, he told CNN..

“If you can love a dog, you are capable of loving everyone in the world. My dog is my dearest buddy, and I wouldn’t be alive without him, therefore I realized I had to save the other dogs.”

According to Hamlin, the firefighters on the scene had phoned animal control to rescue the home’s furry inhabitants, but Walker refused to wait while the fire raged..,.

Despite his fear, Walker dragged all of the animals, six dogs and ten cats, to safety.

“He is my protector angel…

Hamlin stated, “I cannot thank him enough for protecting my creatures.” “I’m still in disbelief… I’ve been in the vicinity of a fire, so I know how quickly they may ignite.”

The fire, which originated in the kitchen, rendered the structure uninhabitable. The animals were scheduled to be transported into W-new Underdog’s Atlanta-based facility within a week, and they are all in good health….

As news of Walker’s valor spread, a GoFundMe campaign was established to make life more secure for “The Atlanta Animal Shelter Hero” and his companion, Bravo.

A $50 donor noted, “Mr. Walker, you are an outstanding person for risking life and limb to save not only dogs but also cats in the shelter, which would have been much more difficult.”

“I can’t wait to see you on the evening news in a new apartment and a fresh start. You deserve it, gentleman.”

This sentiment was shared by numerous individuals. Over $37,000 has been raised thus far..

While coping with a person trapped in a cycle of long-term homelessness is “difficult,” the campaign’s founder has pledged that all funds raised will be used to secure a better future for the guy who risked his own life to save innocent creatures.

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