VIDEO: Watch a Heartwarming Reunion When a “Hero” Nurse Sees Her Daughters After 9 Weeks.

Watch the video below..

After nine weeks of separation, a “hero” nurse on the front lines was reunited with her two daughters in a beautiful photograph.

Suzanne Vaughan, a 43-year-old single mother, has been working double shifts for England’s National Health Service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Norfolk.

It was her personal decision, but a difficult one that has kept her away from her children for nine weeks.

But after more than two months of working nonstop in the ICU, she was finally able to embrace her daughters and “put them first.”

In an emotionally charged moment on Sunday, she stealthily crept up behind the sofa, shocking Bella, 9, and Hettie, 7, who were staying with their Aunt Charlotte in Peterborough.

Suzanne stated, “I brought them to my sister’s house in order to keep them safe, as I work in a hospital and was daily exposed to the virus.”

“However, I also desired to work more hours, and I was unable to do so while keeping the daughters.

“It was a sacrifice that had to be made, but it was a really painful decision.

She had no idea how long it would be until she saw them again and never anticipated that it would be nine weeks…

“However, countless others have made the same sacrifices because we wish to aid others and combat this sickness. It was something I had to do; I began this profession more than 20 years ago because I wanted to assist others.

“For the past nine weeks, I’ve prioritized my work, but now I believe it’s time for me to prioritize my daughters.”

Suzie, who generally works 28 hours per week, offered to work over 50 hours per week to aid in the national effort to combat the virus.

The single mother reports that she Facetimes her girls daily, and they never allow her start a shift without sending her a good morning text..,

“There were numerous occasions when I believed I couldn’t continue,” she said. It was horrifying that no one was running about, yelling, or laughing.

Bella possesses nothing but respect for her mother. “I believe the NHS to be a remarkable group of individuals attempting to save the planet. She had to leave to save lives; she is my hero.

Suzanne says she kept it a secret because she didn’t want to disappoint them if anything changed, but it was worth it when she saw their expressions.

“I simply did not want to let them go, and when they wept, I felt it in my heart. It was incredible.”

Since her return, they haven’t stopped snuggling for a second.

We have always been close, but this has brought us much closer together.

Watch the video.

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