VIDEO: Honda Created Tiny Electric Car for Hospitalized Children to Drive Themselves to Treatments․

Watch the video below..

At Children’s Health of Orange County, California, you must be on the lookout for children receiving lab testing, as they will be honking the horn while driving their new electric Honda, which brings laughter and comfort to ill children.

The car’s conception by Honda engineers to alleviate the tension and worry of hospitalized children brought tears to their adult eyes.

Its name is the Shogo, and it was developed specifically to navigate hospital hallways and transport all the IV drips and monitoring equipment a youngster may need.

It enables them to drive themselves through the hospital corridors to their treatments, transforming a sometimes stressful journey into an enjoyable pleasure ride.

“It is very satisfying to see the delight on the faces of these young patients when they get behind the wheel of Shogo,” said Hundy Liu, national advertising manager at American Honda Motor Co.

Senior vehicle exterior designer for the firm, Randall Smock, played a big influence in the design of Shogo, which he described as a “labor of love.”

“As someone who spent time in the hospital as a child, I intended the primary goal of Shogo to be to alleviate the difficulty of a hospital stay by presenting children with a positive lasting memory of that experience.”

One mother stated, “I’ve heard Charlie laugh harder in the ICU than everywhere else, so seeing him laugh again makes me want to cry.”

Shogo, whose name is derived from a Japanese word that means “soaring into the future,” was designed with young patients in mind, ages 4 to 9, who can easily operate its power controls and the go/stop mechanism on the steering wheel.

It features an adjustable speed range of 1 to 5 miles per hour, which is regulated by a caregiver or nurse.

It features a toy bucket in the front of the car for objects the youngster want to bring along, cup holders, a central horn with multiple sound options, and a customized license plate hole for displaying the name of each rider.

Shogo incorporates a push bar that allows caregivers to physically propel the vehicle when necessary.

The incredible influence that play and laughter can have on the lives of unwell children was documented in a video that was awarded a Silver statue at the 2022 Clio Health Awards.

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