Just see why this woman gets ‘part of her CV’ tattooed on leg…

Some people wake up every morning looking forward to going to work, while others find it much harder to get through each shift.

One woman loves her job so much that she got it tattooed on her body so she can always remember it.

Rachel Wallace, who is 39 years old, is a dog groomer. To show how much she loves her job, she got a huge tattoo of the salon’s logo on her leg.

Rachel works at Four Paws Doggie Daycare and Pet Grooming in Cheshire. She and her boss have a running joke that she can’t leave, and now Rachel has the perfect reason why she can’t.

Recently, the valued team member went to the TattSues studio in Oldham and got a tattoo of the Four Paws dog Boo and his bone on her left leg.

Rachel told the Mirror, “It’s a running joke that I can’t go anywhere, but this really shows that I won’t.”

“I guess my leg is now on my resume! I have a lot of tattoos, so it made sense to get Boo as well.”

Rachel got her first tattoo on her right arm when she was 29. It was a tribute to her dad, and since then, she’s been hooked on tattoos.

Her impressive collection of tattoos also includes a paw print for her late Staffie-Labrador mix Bonnie and a paw in hand for her saluki Toffee.

“I love working with dogs so much because they can’t do anything bad. She said, “Even if they try to bite you, it’s because they’re scared.”

Rachel, who lives in Wythenshawe, Lancashire, used to have her own dog grooming business. In 2018, she joined the friendly team at Four Paws.

“Grooming dogs is also very creative, and it’s great to be able to gain a dog’s trust and watch their confidence grow,” she said.

Rachel’s boss, Fern Gresty, is amazed by how hard she works, and she thinks the tatt is great.

Fern said, “Rachel is the most dedicated dog groomer, and we are lucky to have her help us take care of the dogs in Cheshire.”

“I’m impressed by how hard she works, and I’m so glad my business means as much to other people as it does to me.

“Rachel had a job at Four Paws for life, but now we are a part of her!”

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