Man slammed for cutting down neighbour’s tree because…

A man stirred up trouble when he posted a video of himself cutting down a neighbor’s tree. The tree was in his garden, but it was hanging over into his neighbor’s drive.

@smartgarden1982, a gardener and TikToker, posted a video of him cutting away the branches until they lined up with the fence of a neighbor.

He used the hedge trimmer to cut away the branches of the plants until they were no longer in the way of the driveway.

The man made sure there was no overflow by adding the caption “What would you do if your neighbor’s tree was blocking your driveway?” and the hashtag #nightmareneighbors.

Some people didn’t like what he did in the video, but others said they would have done the same thing because it got in the way of the drive.

Technically, the gardener didn’t do anything wrong. In the UK, it is legal to cut down overhanging branches, as long as you don’t go onto your neighbor’s property.

This didn’t make people happier, though. One angry user wrote, “What’s wrong with this little tree?” We should have more trees, not fewer.”

Another person criticized the man’s skills, saying, “I think you went too far.”

Someone else said, “I would never do that if it were me. It’s just a tree, even though it’s on your neighbors’ land.”

Still, some people thought it was fine. One person wrote, “All above board and legal.”

Someone else reassured him, “I would do that too.”

Citizens Advice says this about how to deal with big trees: “Talk to your neighbor in person if you can, and write down what you agree on.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, you could write them a letter or ask someone else to talk to them on your behalf.

Keep copies of all the letters and emails you send and get.

“It’s often best to find a middle ground, like splitting the cost of trimming a hedge even if you think it belongs to your neighbor.

It could help you keep your relationship with the other person and might cost less than hiring a lawyer to solve the problem.”

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