After refusing to move for a woman in a wheelchair while busking, a woman…

A woman who refused to move her busking equipment out of the path of a man and his wheelchair-bound wife has sparked internet debate, with some labeling her “out of order.”

Mia Kirkland released a viral video in which she could be seen standing on a busy street in the middle of her busking session when a man approached her and asked her to move her speaker out of the way so that he could pass.

Although Mia’s equipment was blocking the route, the road beside them – which is closed to traffic during the day and was being used by other pedestrians in the video – had plenty of space, but the singer instructed the man to use that and refused to budge.

The man requested Mia in a video posted to her @itsmiakirkland TikTok account, “Can you move your stuff please?”

Mia began to remark, “but you have all this space,” motioning to the road, but the man interrupted and said, “That’s the road.”

That is inconvenient for my wheelchair-bound wife. Could you please relocate your speaker so I may pass?”

The singer tried to explain to the man that he could walk on the road, which was level with the pavement and did not have a kerb, but he insisted on walking on the footpath.

“This is a pathway, that’s a road,” he snarled.

“It’s not a road during the day… automobiles aren’t allowed here at this time,” Mia responded.

The man eventually gave in and went around the speaker to stroll on the road, while demanding to see Mia’s busking license, which she assured him she didn’t need.

After the man and his wife had left, the singer revealed to the camera that she was scared by the encounter, saying, “I don’t know why, but my legs are shaking.”

I get really awkward with confrontation because I’m not a very confident person, but I’m kind of forced to be.”

Mia’s video has had over 1.4 million views since it was posted on Tuesday, however viewers are divided on the subject, with some believing she did the right thing by maintaining her own, while others believe she was “out of order.”

“Are they serious?!,” one individual defended Mia. When others give you trouble, you always retain your cool and handle it professionally. “Keep it up, girl!”

“People are so difficult, and I don’t understand why,” wrote another.

Someone other, though, agreed with the guy and his wife, writing: “In all fairness, it’s hard work being crippled, always having to overcome barriers.” Brick roads might be more difficult to navigate than paved.

“Ability people forget that disabled people are constantly being blocked.” He could have been friendlier, but you were still blocking the sidewalk.”

“Something doesn’t feel right with this,” said a fourth, “just move it.”

There were also comments that Mia was “in the wrong” in the circumstance, as well as others explaining how uneven ground may be difficult for wheelchair users.

“Admittedly, going over that kind of road in a wheelchair is hard,” one individual said.

“Looks like a cobbled road behind you, doesn’t it?” wrote another. If that’s the case, it’ll be difficult for him to push and unsettling for his wife.”

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