Woman is angry after her mother allows her child to ‘climb over’ her after refusing to swap plane seats. See what they did…

If you’ve flown more than a few times in your life, you’ve probably been asked at least once if you’d mind swapping seats with someone.

And, while it’s not necessarily impolite to inquire, you have every right to tell them that you’d want to keep the seat you reserved.

However, one plane passenger recently discovered the hard way that some people will not take no for an answer after she awoke from a nap to find someone’s toddler “climbing over” her after she refused to give up her window seat.

The woman detailed the event in a popular video, saying she was asked to swap seats by a mother who wanted her husband to sit in her seat, and when she refused, the mother “refused to deal with her child” out of “spite.”

“You can always ask [to swap seats], the problem is the folks who get furious when they don’t get their way,” she remarked in her TikTok video, posted to her @diaryofasolotraveler account.

“I had a six-hour travel and tried to manage my sleep routine on the plane to avoid jet lag.”

When I arrived at my row, this woman offered, ‘Do you want an aisle seat?’ I replied, ‘No thank you, I got the window, I want the window.’

“She was taken aback.” She was with her child and desired the other seat for her husband.

I believe this woman refused to deal with her child out of malice.

“I dozed off before we took off, and when I awoke, the youngster was on top of me.”

I had no idea what to do! I forced myself to fall asleep and sit through the most painful flight of my life.”

Commenters on the video were outraged on the woman’s behalf, with many wondering why she didn’t summon a flight attendant to settle the matter.

“I would have advised the mom to handle her child or I would have contacted the flight attendant!” one passenger stated. I’m not going to take that!”

“If this app has taught me anything, it’s that people accept far more than I ever would,” said another.

“If parents refuse to parent their child, I will,” wrote a third. I would have scolded that kid right away.”

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