See What Happened While Kelly Ripa Was Showing off Her 33-Year-Old Christmas Ornaments

Kelly Ripa is excited about the holidays!

The Live with Kelly and Ryan presenter, 52, showed off her show-stopping Christmas tree on social media on Wednesday, boasting a “33 year ornament collection” among its branches.

Ripa posted a video of the tree on her Instagram Story, which included an up-close look at the family antiques while “Carol of the Bells” played in the background.

Among the gleaming highlights were ornaments with images of her three children — Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 19 — and other special souvenirs, such as a margarita ornament and one with the Union Jack flag — that she has with husband Mark Consuelos.

“Isn’t she lovely?” Ripa commented beside a full-size photo of the rainbow, glittery centerpiece in a post.

“She’s wonderful,” Consuelos, 51, agreed in a statement.

The TV celebrity seemed to enjoy a well-decorated tree.

In 2019, she celebrated Christmas by displaying a collection of vintage images on her tree, as well as the entire picture of the artwork itself.

“I present The Lady with joy,” Ripa captioned the photo.

The celebrity, who makes the most of the holidays, spent Thanksgiving this year possibly starting a new tradition: she revealed on Monday’s Live that her family enjoys eating leftovers late at night.

But this year, when a particularly rich pie collapsed while she was carrying it to the counter and tumbled on the floor, she called an audible.

“‘I’m simply going to go for it,” she remembered saying. “It’s quite embarrassing. You’ve reached peak gluttony when you’re eating pie off the floor.”

Ripa stated that thereafter, she believed they had totally wiped the dessert from the floor and left no evidence – but her husband discovered a few additional bits.

“‘Where’s the coconut cream pie?’ said Mark. ‘Oh, I dropped it, so it’s in the garbage,’ I say. That was the last of it “She stated.

“We’re making breakfast the next day when Mark says, ‘You know what I just did?’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ ‘I just ate some coconut cream pie off the wall,’ he explained “Ripa elaborated.

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