Mum who desired a son has triplet girls and names them all the same name…

Choosing a name for your child can be difficult, especially if you’ve opted to keep your baby’s gender a mystery during your pregnancy and aren’t sure which moniker you’ll need when they arrive.

One woman recently stunned online after sharing a unique baby naming story her mother, who previously worked as a midwife, reportedly told her.

The unknown person from the United States revealed in a Quora post that while their mother was working on a labor hospital, she assisted a woman in giving birth to triplet girls.

She adds that the expectant mother was determined to have a son and that the only name she had chosen was a boy’s name.

So, when she had three small daughters, she decided to put her name choice to good use and gave all three girls the same name, with minor changes.

Robert was the name in dispute.

The post stated: “My mother is a nurse who worked in labor and delivery in a southern hospital when I was growing up.

“A huge woman arrived in labor one evening and was admitted to my mother’s care.

“She wanted a son and had only chosen a male name, Robert.

“Unfortunately, she did not have a son that day; instead, she gave birth to triplet girls.

“Despite the setback, she determined to adhere to her original strategy. Robert was the first daughter, Larobert was the second, and Sharobert was the third.”

Many individuals commented on the post, with some expressing sorrow for the little girls.

“Oh, those poor girls!” exclaimed one.

Another person recounted a similar experience, adding: “I worked with Janet, who had a twin sister named Janice. I thought it was a little dull, but she didn’t get it.”

This comes after another mother had hoped for a boy but gave birth to a girl and wanted to keep her name.

The mother said on Reddit that she and her partner had chosen the name Warren for a boy. Tragically, her boyfriend died before the baby was born, but the mother couldn’t bring herself to change their plans, so she named the child Warren.

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