After spotting broken track, a woman uses her red sari to stop a train, ensuring the safety of the passengers…

After noticing faulty tracks further down the line, a heroic woman in India may have saved hundreds of lives by waving her red sari to stop a train.

Omvati Devi waved the flowing red sari in front of an approaching train after seeing a damaged section of the track.

The driver was able to stop the train just in time after spotting the woman, averting a terrible calamity.

Omvati’s fast thinking aided between 150 and 200 passengers on the train in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The woman, who has been lauded for her bravery, was quoted in a SWNS article as stating, “I was on my way to the farm for normal chores when I stumbled onto a broken track.”

“I quickly saw that this may lead to a tremendous calamity.” Well, I’d heard that red represents peril.

“I tied my sari around the track to prevent any adverse incidents, which happily worked when the driver applied brakes.”

The driver offered her 100 rupees, which she declined.

“He then insisted on my keeping the money, which I did.”

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