A young Amazon driver has been hailed a hero for saving a family from a burning house.․․․

A Long Island town has praised an Amazon delivery man for risking his life to assist a family fleeing a burning house.

Firefighters from Syosset, Long Island, arrived at the house four minutes after receiving the 911 call, but to their relief, the family was waiting outside near the curb.

Kevin Rivera had just finished his Amazon delivery route when he noticed the flames burning the front of the house, but despite the front door being open, it was evident the family inside had no idea what was going on.

“I simply saw the fire growing and growing,” Rivera added. “I just ran in because I didn’t want anyone to perish in that house.”

When he rushed in, he discovered that not only did the family of six, which included a newborn, not realize their house was on fire, but that a linguistic barrier made communication impossible.

He eventually convinced the family to flee through the back door. When the family witnessed the flames, they started crying.

A neighbor who filmed the house informed local TV that everyone praises Mr. Rivera far more than most Amazon delivery men do when their products arrive.

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