2 Teenage Girls Saved From… Airline employee saved their lives… Shocking.

Two adolescent girls were prevented from almost becoming victims of a conspiracy to engage in human trafficking thanks to the quick thinking and intervention of an employee working for American Airlines.

Denice Miracle, an employee of the airline, had her first inkling that something fishy was going on in August of this year when two young women, ages 15 and 17, approached the counter at the Sacramento International Airport in California.

To begin, the girls were going on their trip without anyone else and had only a few carry-on bags between them.

Not only did they not have any forms of identification on them, but they also had first-class tickets to New York City that had been purchased using a credit card that had been stolen.

Miracle decided to contact the authorities in order to prevent the girls from boarding the plane.

Later, officers working at the airport made the discovery that the girls had been approached on Instagram by a man going by the name “Drey,” who had promised them $2,000 to fly to New York for a modeling job.

The girls were taken aback when they learned that the tickets were only valid for one way travel because they had not even informed their parents about the attempt.

The teenagers were eventually reunited with their parents, and Miracle, whose name is fitting for the rescue, is being praised as a hero for the fast thinking that she displayed in the situation.

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