VIDEO: TV Reporter Gets Interrupted When His Mom Drives By While He’s Filming.. You won’t believe when you see what happened next…

Watch the video below…

There is never a dull moment at work!

According to the ABC affiliate WSYX, Myles Harris, who primarily covers news in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, was out on a field reporting assignment for the station on Tuesday when his mother showed up unannounced and gave him a big surprise.

Harris’s coverage of local news in Columbus, Ohio, is his primary beat.

Thankfully, the footage was never interrupted while the camera was rolling.

You can see Harris recognize his mom even before she appears onscreen in a clip of the hilarious interaction that was posted on the reporter’s Instagram account.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the clip had been viewed more than half a million times.

He gestures with his arms and says to the cameraman, “That’s my mom, hold on,” as she gets closer to them.

His mother can be heard calling out from the car, “Hi, baby!” while the laughter of the cameraman, DeAngelo Byrd, can be heard in the background.

Harris makes a lighthearted reference to the fact that his mother has interrupted him by telling her that she can say hello for a moment, but that he’s a little preoccupied right now.

“I’m trying to work right now, and you’re over here phoning my phone,” he says to the person who is ringing his phone.

“Hello, my name is DeAngelo, feel free to say hello. Also, don’t obstruct the flow of traffic just because there are automobiles following you.”

“Alright,” she responds, and then proceeds to blow her kid a kiss before getting into the car and leaving.

Harris laughed it off and made light of the situation by joking that his mother’s behavior in this situation was nothing out of the ordinary.

The description he used for the video on social media said, “Typical Sandi .”

Additionally, Byrd uploaded the video across all of his social media platforms, referring to it as “the best moment of 2022.”

Byrd noted in his journal, “What a privilege it is to enjoy such a beautiful occasion.” “I am overjoyed that I was able to capture this, and that mama Sandi stopped by to show some love! The mother of @mylestharris is very special.”

Watch the video…

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