VIDEO: Footage Captures the Moment a Skydiver Leaps From Plane Sitting in an Inflatable Water Raft…

Watch the video below…

A video of a skydiving jump captures the moment a woman jumps out of an airplane at an altitude of 13,500 feet while seated in an inflatable rubber ring.

Robin Moore can be seen falling to earth with an expression of sheer ecstasy on her face. She is dressed in shorts and cowboy boots at the time.

The emergency room doctor shared her thoughts on the jump, saying, “This was a thrilling jump, as I opted to do it ‘cowgirl style.’… a wonderful rodeo ride.”

I was flying through the air and clouds at an altitude of thousands of feet, and the wind was blowing through my hair. I screamed and laughed the whole way down!

In order to maintain the raft’s balance during the free fall that was staged on October 17 at River Ranch in Florida, Jimmy Hutfles and another friend were gripping either side of it.

“I rode this float for a distance of many thousand feet. The other riders got off at 7000 feet, and I carried on by myself all the way to 6000 feet, as the Miami Beach risk taker explained.

“I have jumped out of planes on inflatables previously, and I find that it adds a new dimension of difficulty to the sport of skydiving.

Not only do you have to maintain balance within your own body, but you also have to maintain balance within a fun prop.”

Jimmy Huftles, who was 22 years old at the time and filmed the dive, said, “I knew of other skydivers making raft jumps before. Because we had a raft and an airplane, our outing turned out to be very enjoyable.

“Every second that I get to spend in freefall is absolute ecstasy, and it gets even better with every jump that I take! “We’re at 800 right now!”

Watch the video…

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