VIDEO: If the AGT opera singer doesn’t move on, Simon Cowell threatens to “eat the table.”

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Emanne Beasha, an opera singer who is just 10 years old, was able to captivate the panel of judges on America’s Got Talent by performing in the appropriate manner.

When she was finished, some of the judges were seen wiping away tears brought on by her powerful voice.

Emanne sang a rendition of the song “Ebben? Ne andr? lontana,” which was originally written for the opera La Wally by Alfredo Catalani.

The fact that her voice could be heard throughout the entire Dolby Theatre is evidence that she is significantly more mature than her years would indicate.

Simon Cowell, one of the judges, said that listening to him made him feel like he was watching the Olympics and that he was “stunned” by his voice.

It was also said in one of Cowell’s publications that “If you don’t pass, I’ll devour this judgment table.”

Before Emanne walked the stage, she gave a brief interview to the cameras in which she discussed her passion for opera.

When I asked her about it, she explained that whenever she sings with her eyes closed, everything around her shifts, and her journey gets underway. She described it as a fantastic experience.

In addition to this, she underlined to the audience that every song has a narrative behind it.

When she was given the golden buzzer for the first time, the contestant from North Port, Florida revealed that she imagined herself to be a character from an opera.

She continued by saying that she did not wish for this fantasy to come to an end.

Emanne was one of the few competitors that evening who managed to convince the judges, and if you watch her for yourself, you’ll understand why that was the case.

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Watch the video…

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