Auschwitz prisoners with ten-number tattoos reunited for the first time since 1944.․․ See the first thing they did together…

People who have been through the same emotions at the same time typically have a lot in common with one another and a lot to carry on and remember.

On the other hand, it’s not simply the happy times and memorable events that deserve to be cherished and commemorated.

This is especially true of a shared traumatic experience, often known as “social glue,” which causes people to feel closer to one another.

Therefore, the same significant historical event was responsible for bringing these people together.

During the time that they were both incarcerated during the Holocaust, Walter Spier and Werner Reich were not acquainted with one another.

They were separated by only 10 digits and were deeply attached spirits due to the fact that all of the men there would suffer the same fate.

During these kinds of events, it was quite usual practice to tattoo the captives with their own numbers.

They were taken into custody by the Gestapo in 1943, and it is not hard to speculate what their subsequent lives would be like.

During those years, it’s a miracle that the government of the United States was able to free hundreds of inmates.

And here’s hoping those guys who got arrested don’t end up dying.

They spent all of those years locked up with the conviction that they would eventually be released, the optimism that they would, and the belief that they would live.

When the son of Walter found out about the story that his closest buddy had told, the son came up with the concept of setting up a meeting between Warner and his own father.

The young man’s hope was that they may get back together after all these years with the help of Sandi Bachom, who was a documentary journalist.

Therefore, the son was successful in dating and conversing with both of the witnesses’ acquaintances simultaneously.

Although the men were able to organize their lives and enjoy a loving and cheerful life, they will not forget what they have been through because of what they have seen and done.

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