After receiving cryptic notes, the generous couple became Santa and…

Once upon a time, the Christmas surprise arrived unannounced at the door of this aristocratic couple, transforming them into Santa Claus.

We’d like to introduce you to Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker, who relocated to their current house ten years ago.

After moving into their brand-new apartment on 22nd street in Manhattan, the couple was taken aback when they started getting hundreds of notes.

Their curiosity was piqued even further when they discovered that, for many years, their apartment had been mistaken for Santa Claus’s living quarters.

As a result, these respectful and inquisitive spouses started commenting on the daily articles, opening, reading, and even responding to emails.

In addition to that, they made Christmas gifts for the children to the extent that they were able to purchase them.

Consequently, it started off as a hobby for them, but eventually they grew obsessed with their new job title and the voluntary work they did.

Of course, Mr. Glaub is not Santa Claus; he is just a kind man who operates a marketing company; yet, he found that he appreciated his new position the most.

Once, a large number of guests were invited to a Christmas celebration, and while they were eating dinner, they discovered dozens of letters that were written to Santa.

Their buddies were curious about the letters, so Glaub filled them in on what had happened.

That particular day, they had a brilliant notion to launch a volunteer group that would serve the local community.

Therefore, their guests were also prepared to lend a hand in bringing joy and happiness to the children of their neighborhood.

Therefore, these individuals established a charitable effort and have maintained the warm and fuzzy custom up till the present day.

Since that time, every every winter, they spread cheer and giggling to the faces of tens of thousands of youngsters by presenting them with gifts such as dolls, books, toys, and coats, as well as good feelings and kind wishes.

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