She is the beautiful lady who ruled the world in the 1960s. Here is how she looks like today!

It is quite improbable that there is a single person in Thailand who is ignorant of the name Apasra Hongsakul.

In 1965, a young woman of only 18 years of age won the title of Miss Universe with relative ease.

The charmer, however, did not achieve this success for the first time.

First, Apasra was crowned the most beautiful student at the university where she was enrolled, then she went on to become Miss Thailand, and last, she competed in the “Universe” competition.

In order to be successful in a competition of this magnitude, extensive preparation is required at all times.

Not only do the contestants shoulder the weighty responsibility of representing their countries, but the competition itself attracts the most media attention of any competition anywhere in the globe.

The reigning Miss Universe provided guidance to contestants competing for the title.

Apasra was able to captivate the interest of a fastidious jury and acquiescent observers despite the fact that she was just 1.64 meters tall and had a weak command of the English language.

Everyone was awestruck by the girl’s elegance, particularly her poise and manners, as well as her stunning smile.

That is not always the case, but even if you have the flawless features of an angel, this does not guarantee that your personal life will be problem-free.

Apasra’s first marriage was to a member of the royal lineage, and it resulted in the birth of a son; however, this was not enough to save the union, and after a few years, the beautiful woman and her husband divorced each other.

The only thing a lady acquired from him was her second son, and the woman’s second marriage did not become more successful as a result of him.

Apasra didn’t let the end of her romantic relationship impair her determination or performance in any way. She is currently regarded as one of the most influential women in Thailand.

The company, Raymond Weil Watches, as well as its SPA salon in Bangkok, are both thriving, contributing to the overall success of the enterprise.

Apasra became a grandmother as a result of her sons starting their own families and having children of their own.

Given that she has such gorgeous hair, toned skin, and a girlish frame, of course no one would ever realize that the woman standing in front of him is 74 years old.

The fact that Miss Universe has chosen to remain silent on the matter lends credence to the theory that this may be done in order to lend support to the beauty industry.

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