They loved each other as teenagers and now they met 60 years later… See them then and now…

Julie Mutlow calls the United Kingdom her home. She wed at a young age (17) and went on to have four children after the marriage.

Once her spouse left the family, Julie was responsible for raising the children by herself. Because the woman was under so much mental strain as a result of everything that happened, she began to gain weight. In the year 2021, Julie reached the required weight of 127 kg.

In addition to being a mother, she had already attained the role of grandma. In addition to that, she had seven grandsons, and one of them suffers from autism, therefore he required special attention.

During a checkup, Julie’s doctor let her know that she was in danger of developing diabetes and was getting closer and closer to being obese.

The revelation ultimately brought about the British woman’s feelings of depression, which led to her experiencing despair.

At precisely the same time, she had a conversation that would completely alter the course of her life. When Julie was only 14 years old, she had her first encounter with Mark, an ambitious musician.

They did, however, go their separate ways and begin families with a variety of different people. More than forty years passed without each of them coming into contact with the other.

When Mark first came across Julie on Facebook, everything began to shift dramatically. It was inconceivable how beautiful the woman’s eyes were.

Mark admits that the primary reason he joined the social network was to increase his chances of finding a romantic interest at school. He had nearly everyday thoughts about Julie throughout those 43 years.

In 2012, he made his first attempt to get in touch with her, but she was unable to read the message that he sent her.

The pair picked up where they left off, chatting to one another and spending time together.

They go on excursions into the countryside, take part in musical gatherings in which Mark plays the guitar and Julie sings, and spend time in the local park providing food for the ducks.

She was able to take care of her health and pull herself out of her depression. She joined the World of Weight Loss group, where members support one another in their efforts to lose weight, and she lost seven kg in the first few months of her diet.

Julie made a concerted effort to improve her nutrition and eliminated all forms of processed and fatty food from her diet.

After beginning to take better care of herself and losing 51 pounds, Julie’s appearance saw a dramatic transformation.

It is not entirely obvious what the future holds for the romantic relationship between Mark and Julie. They insist that they are just pals for the time being and refuse to comment further on the matter.

But, we can say without a doubt that they are happy with one another and that, despite the fact that they are close to 60 years old, they were still able to begin their lives again from the beginning.

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