A 40-year-old lady is expecting a kid, but she already has 19! You won’t believe it when you see how they live…

The United Kingdom is home to a lovely family. Sue Radford is the name of the woman who has truly given birth to twenty children. When Sue was 42 years old, she gave birth to her third and final son, Archie.

Sue asserts that she and her husband Noel, who is 46 years old, are incredibly content together but that they do not intend to start a family in the foreseeable future.

Archie arrived more sooner than everyone had anticipated, but happily, he is in excellent health.

The family has a total of 19 members, 9 females and 10 males. The one with the most years under his belt is Chris, who is now 28 years old.

In addition, Phoebe, who is the youngest, came one year after Archie when she was born.

Sue and Noel are satisfied with their roles as parents and grandparents to their three grandchildren, who were given to them by their child Sophie.

Sue and Noel’s daughter Sophie gave them the grandchildren.

Sue experienced her first delivery when she was still in her teenage years.

The young woman was not at all concerned about becoming pregnant, on the contrary, she could hardly contain her excitement at the prospect.

After Sue achieved the age of consent, she and Noel got married right away.

The husband asserts that he and his wife always meant to have three children, but they ultimately came to the conclusion that having a large family would be more beneficial.

The entire family calls a spacious house with ten bedrooms and bathrooms their home. When it comes to transportation, they choose for a minibus over a regular automobile.

They always treat one another with the utmost respect and are very encouraging to one another.

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