The bride picks a chicken to serve as her maid of honor because she couldn’t find the suitable person for the position… But see what actually happened next… This will surprise you…

The moment when a couple that is set on getting married finally makes the choice to do so is sure to be one of the most memorable and exciting times in their lives.

Some men and women will do whatever in their power to ensure that day is one they will never forget.

As a result, we put in maximum effort to ensure that everything is organized and taken care of in the most effective manner.

Choosing the members of the bridal party and the wedding party is without a question one of the most difficult decisions to make.

What alternatives are there for a bride or groom who does not have an appropriate companion to stand by their side as they perform these roles?

The primary couple in this account came up with the ingenious idea that left not only the guests who attended the event but also the numerous people who viewed the photographs taken on that day in a state of admiration.

Let’s investigate the causes together, shall we?

The married couple Ty and Haley have become online celebrities due to their unconventional choice of bridesmaids.

Due to the fact that the bride and her betrothed did not have a personal acquaintance, they decided to discuss the matter with David, who was a good friend of theirs.

Because he has a nice chicken as a pet, he couldn’t help but think of her as a potential candidate for the job. That is absolutely correct.

The fact that this did not bother the couple in the slightest led them to make the decision to have Sammi Chicken serve as one of their bridesmaids.

Sammi was a typical example of a bridesmaid; she was a beautiful young woman who attended the wedding dressed in a dress of a vivid hue and stood at the bride’s side during the entirety of the ceremony.

The chicken has received a lot of fame, primarily as a result of how effortlessly she posed for the wedding photos while wearing a beautiful blue tutu and sporting a striking white flower on her chest.

She is also sporting a brilliant white flower on her head.

Sammi exudes an air of composure in front of the camera, regardless of whether she is with the bride and groom or by herself, and the atmosphere that is created by her clothing is great for capturing such a precious and one-of-a-kind event.

After all, who wouldn’t want a hen to be one of their attendants at the wedding?

It is true that this is not a decision that is taken very regularly; nonetheless, it has been successful, and those who have heard of it will not forget it very quickly.

Did you or would you like to do anything similarly unique at your wedding?

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